New Update (2018-10-19) - Let's play this map in Minecraft 1.13.1!

Finally! We have updated the entire map for 1.13.1, and it was not an easy work, since we have to update 43,997 commands throughout the map! Basically it's impossible be completed without automatic conversions with my self-developed programming scripts using the Java programming language! And finally we did it! 😎

In addition, lots of railway lines are updated, too! For example, on the new local route of the BulletCart Line X2, there are 3 additional stations. Let's have a tour at a maximum operation speed of 210 km/h!

Another important thing. We have expanded our project team, where 3 new partners: BingXuan, Bluetails, and ZymSB, have joined this team. Be sure to also check out BingXuan's railway lines, Bluetails' Nether BulletCart line to North Woodland Mansion, and ZymSB's Candy Plateau Fountain Park!

To experience these awesome work in your Minecraft, Try out the newest update by downloading this map on PlanetMinecraft! :D

*** From this update (2018-10-19) on, to save the waiting time before the map is loaded in your Minecraft, I decided to separate the in-station announcement sounds into another independent resource pack. Please also download the announcement resource pack to make sure that all announcement sounds are working. Thanks for your cooperation!

For more details about this update, see on the History page.

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