Q1: Why sometimes it seems that the messages as seen on the wall signs are incomplete?
  • Check your language settings. Please make sure that the Force Unicode Font option is on.
Without this option
(Click to enlarge)

With this option
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Q2: How did you make the subway system?
  • To make a subway/metro/railway system based on the technique used in this map, it's recommended for you to use the Fully-automatic Railway Builder Tool, which already supports Minecraft 1.13.x and 1.12.x versions.
  • If you are interested in how it works, please either watch the Tutorial Video on YouTube or read my detailed tutorial blog posts (Parts 1, 2, and 3).

Q3: I got lost in a subway station and didn't know how to get back!
  • Please check out the route planner web app for this map. It can be used in any web browsers without any downloads. You may also use it on your phone or other mobile devices.
  • In the game, you may also easily find the line numbers/colors and the station names at any platforms or exits in any subway stations.
  • In-game subway guides are also accessible from any stations (except BingXuan lines, as of 2018-10-19) in the guide books and on-wall maps (as shown in the following screenshot.)
    • The in-game guide maps will also be available on BingXuan lines by December 2018. Stay tuned! 😊

Q4: I have to manually press the Minecart Dispenser button before getting on the minecart from the subway station! Why not building a fully automated subway system in your world? And, why using only minecarts instead of realistic trains?
  • For this map, I only design things that work in Vanilla Minecraft. Hence, all these issues are due to some technical trade-offs:
    • Automatic minecart storage/scheduling system is not feasible due to the chunk loading problem, which may cause the minecarts not moving outside the loaded chunks. Hence, I used the in-station minecart dispensers for the trade-off.
    • Some mods and server plugins provides realistic trains, but they may not work in Vanilla Minecraft. In Vanilla Minecraft, so far only minecarts have been available for railway transportation.
    • To improve the quality of the subway system, I've added a new texture and sound for minecarts as an embedded resource pack, while it still works in Vanilla Minecraft.

Q5: Your Horse Expressway Interchanges just look like subway stations, not a real expressway interchange! And why did you design the Horse Recycler that kill the horses? You're so evil!
  • I prefer designing compact contraptions in this world, such as what I did for the subway system, and the trash cans. Of course, horse expressway is designed in an extremely compact way, too!
  • Precisely speaking, the so-called "Interchange" as in the Horse Expressway is actually similar to a BRT station. For the same reason why I used Minecart dispensers in the subway system (Q4), there are also Horse dispensers available at each interchange platform.
  • To prevent resources from being too much and crashing the game, there should be a recycling mechanism to have the horses disappear.
    • In older version of this map (as this YouTube video shows), the horse may scream and drop leathers when being removed. Such issues are solved in recent versions, so don't worry!

Q6: Is this world really built in Vanilla Minecraft only?
  • Most parts are done purely in Vanilla Minecraft, but there are a few exceptions where I use MCEdit 1.5 in order to combine some of the experimental works from either myself or my partners into the main map.
    • Still, remember, everything in this map is designed for and work in Vanilla Minecraft! You don't have to use any mods to make this map work in your Minecraft.

Q7: Why can the subway station announcement sounds be heard in Vanilla Minecraft?
  • The key is to add custom sounds by embedding your custom sound resource pack into your world save.
  • Another problem. But I can't hear them after the map was updated to 1.13 (or above)!
    • From 1.13.x versions (2018-10-19 update) on, please manually download an additional resource pack via this link to hear all of the announcement voices.
    • The link is also shown in-game for each time the map is just opened (see on the following screenshot).


Q8: I can't get into the FlashTeens House (spawn point) again after leaving from the iron door exit!
  • After 2018-04-12 version: Please make sure your key (ender pearl) should be inside your inventory. In case you lost the key, please re-enter the house using Spectator Mode.
  • Before 2018-02-16 version: There is a stone button hidden behind the sunshine banner next to the exit. In the recent version of the map, you should be able to see a sign that tells you where the button is.

Q9: My computer seriously LAGS while I'm taking the Woodland Hyperloop Line and the BulletCart Express Lines!
  • Due to the high speed of this transportation (300+ km/h), your computer might be easily not able to catch up your position in this world while loading the chunks.
    • On the Woodland Hyperloop Line (max speed: 360 km/h), there should be large warning signboards at every station on this line, which tells you to reduce the Render Distance to below 5 chunks in your video settings before getting on this line.
    • See on this YouTube video for how to change the settings.
    • After getting off at the destination, of course you may change the Render Distance back to normal so as to have a better view around your location.
  • Additionally, if your computer is too laggy on the 320 km/h BulletCart express line(s), it's recommended for you to take the local route instead, of which the maximum speed is reduced to 210 km/h.

Q10: Could I test this map on my server?
  • Sure, as long as you never claim this map as yours.
    • For how to build up the server, download this ZIP file for the server settings and see also the text file "README(English).txt" for more details.
    • This map is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. If you wish to host your server hosting this map for any public purposes, please also provide the original map author name: FlashTeens Chiang.

Q11: Could I help you build something else on this map? (Updated 2021-05-04)
  • Sorry, from August 2019 on, I will NOT accept any collaboration requests, since this map returned to a solo project, no longer a teamwork project.
  • However, as this map is licensed under CC BY 4.0, feel free to modify this map to be your fan-made version and publish it on your own, and please remember to credit me when you publish your derivative work.

Q12: The banking system seems to be not working!
  • It was once a bug discovered in the Jan. 6, 2017 version, and then fixed on Jan. 12, 2017.
    • If you are playing an old version of this map, it's suggested to download the newest version instead.

Q13: Will you use any mods for this map?
  • No. Editing a map with mods may sometimes cause version incompatibility and installation difficulty for other players. However, it is still welcome if you desire to play this map with any mods.

Q14: How did you upgrade this map for Minecraft 1.13?

Q15: Platform gates remain open after getting off from some stations!
  • For those stations on BingXuan Railway lines (i.e. all line names started with "B", ex. B1, B2, and B1C), you have to manually close the gates by clicking onto the button "Close Platform Gates" next to the platform.
    • On other railway lines, platform gates always automatically open and close, and there's no need to manually close those gates in any situations.

Q16: I need to turn of the speedometer feature in the map!
  • From the 2018-10-19 update on, a speedometer is shown on the right of the in-game screen (see on the bottom-left screenshot).
    • To turn off this feature (or to turn it on again), please open the in-game subway guide book (see also on Q3) and you'll see the toggling options on the last page (as shown in the bottom-right screenshot).

The speedometer
(Click to enlarge)

Toggle the speedometer option
(Click to enlarge)


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  2. Anonymous7/19/2019

    This map is insane

    Great Job!

  3. Will it be on for pocket edition?

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    How did you make speech when going over some command blocks

  5. When will you update the map to 1.15.2?

    1. How about 1.16.5 or when it comes out, 1.17?

  6. i cant seem to see the station name on the frame :( what shld i do?

    1. Please make sure you're playing this map on 1.13.2. πŸ™‚