New Update (2017-02-06) - Epic Subway Update: New Line, New Map, New Music, and... Happy Chinese New Year!

Thanks to the help from Taiwan Natsuha, a new subway line: Line 5, is born! And, to make the guide map books easy-to-read among different subway lines, I re-designed it as showing below:

By clicking onto each link in the route selection menu book (as shown above), you'll get another book of route map for the single line. Applying the single-line designs in this new update, this book won't let you get lost in the subway system anymore! :)

Besides, 6 additional subway arrival songs are also available at these new stations!

Another thing is... I've built the first Chinese pavilion ever, Fu Lai Ting, to celebrate Chinese New Year & the upcoming Lantern Festival!

For more details about this update, you may see on the History page of this blog.

Also, don't forget to download this map on PlanetMinecraft! :)