New Update (2017-03-13) - Another Epic Subway Update with the help from Natsuha!

Here's another BIG update!!!

First, I'll show you a new FlashTeens Subway Mall right next to FlashTeens House Subway Station, which is now crowded with 25 new villager vendors! (It's no longer "ghost town" at all...)

Next, the subway routes are widely updated in this map, as you may see in these Facebook posts: Line 5: Craftland and Line 1: Intercontinental Bridge, and more importantly, which are built with some helps from Taiwan Natsuha, one of my important partners for this project.

This is Mr. Natsuha (Natsuha_nz_kh_tw), who helps me really a lot for this update! ;)

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For more information about this update, see also on the History page on this blog. Thank you.