New Update (2017-09-16) - New cart auto-REMOVAL contraptions for your convenience and safety!

From this update, you no longer have to click the "alighting sign" to remove your carts from the subway rails. Left-shift, the most "natural" way to get off a regular cart in Minecraft is now acceptable, and the cart will be automatically REMOVED once you get off at the destination.

In addition to the convenience, another purpose of this update is safety. With this update, all abandoned carts on any subway lines (i.e. carts without passengers) are always removed immediately, so you don't have to worry about being bumped into other carts on the halfway.

See also on the previous video on the Facebook fanpage here!

And, let's try out the newest update by downloading this map on PlanetMinecraft! :D


New Update (2017-09-10) - Cart auto-launching contraptions, the last mile for a FULLY-automatic subway line is finally done!

If you've ever played any older versions of this map, you might find out that you had to always deal with the f***ing "W" key whenever arriving at EVERY station...

Now, the auto-launching for minecarts is finally out, and, all you need to do on a super long railway line is NOTHING! Just SLEEP until arriving the destination! :)

Besides, still several NEW exhibitions are added/updated into the Subway Museum! Also check them out by taking the fully-automated subway lines! (And, don't forget this powerful web app for your journey!)

A demo video for fully-automated Wharf Branch Line:

Let's try out the newest update by downloading this map on PlanetMinecraft! :D