Welcome to my epic Minecraft world Republic of FlashTeens!

Republic of FlashTeens is the ever first world I have ever built since July 28, 2015. This world has been published in the website PlanetMinecraft since Jan. 15, 2016, and now it is still being updated constantly!

This is a large map with a subway transportation network that makes it convenient for you travel anywhere in this map. In addition, there are still much more elaborated redstone and command-related devices throughout this map for your lifestyle in Minecraft! More importantly, all these stuffs work in Vanilla Minecraft 1.13.2 for PC.


  • Designed for Vanilla Minecraft, originally for 1.8.8, but now it has already been updated to 1.13.2!
  • An epic network of transportation system designed for you to travel everywhere with ease.
    • Subway system
      • 36 subway lines, which contain 200 stations in total.
        • One line, one color.
        • Total length: about 152 km
      • In-game subway route maps
        • You can see them on-wall and also get them at hand!
        • Large signboards with station names and the accessible lines
        • Station arrival music, title text, and voice announcement!
          • (NEW!) Download the announcement resource pack HERE!
        • Still getting lost? Try this web app to figure out how to get to your destination!
      • Command-driven minecart mechanisms
      • Platform gates
      • Level crossings
        • The original redstone design was contributed by Rui-Ting Wu, and some additional command-driven mechanisms were then added by FlashTeens.
      • Custom texture and audio adjustments in the resource packs:
        • The minecart texture image (embedded)
        • Note block sounds (embedded)
        • Station announcement voices (DOWNLOAD)
    • Horse Expressway
      • 5 options for horse speed selection, where the fastest horse can run at a maximum speed of 128 KPH (80 MPH).
      • Instant tamed horse generating commands available
      • Silent horse remover devices
      • 8.8 km in total
      • See also: this YouTube video (as in earlier version)
    • Hyperloop Lines
  • Much more awesome spots of redstone and commands for you!
    • Banking system
    • Custom villager shops
    • High-speed ladders (NEW!)
    • Spleef arenas that can be automatically reset
    • Hotels
    • Numeric sunlight detector machine
    • Still much more available for you to explore probably for a whole day!
  • Environmental features:
    • No hostile mobs in developed areas despite the fact that the difficulty is Normal.
    • No rainy weathers, so don't worry if the buildings were to be burned out in thunderstorm weathers.
  • Click here to the PlanetMinecraft website for download. (Free forever!)

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More cool contents are available soon! Stay tuned! ;)

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