Note: This page only lists some important changes in the development history for this map.

Jul. 19, 2019: (201 subway stations)

  • This update is for Official Edition only. For all partner-made railway lines after the previous update (20190322), there will be a new spin-off snapshot called "Teamwork Edition"; therefore, those updates will not be listed here.
  • Built the Academy of Imagination campus building.
  • Built a working tic-tac-toe gameboard and merry-go-round around the Cheesedog area.
  • Built the first church in the map, Notre-Dame de Minecraft, next to Central Swamp Station, in memory of the incident happened to Notre-Dame de Paris, France in April 2019.
  • Built the Frostwood Pier Hotel.
  • Built the structure of Redstone Exhibition Center (by BX).
  • Built the RoFT Hospital (around Dungeon Plain) and Beak Peninsula Hotel (by YanYu).
  • Extended existing railway routes:
    • Line 4 (Triangle Harbor to Academy of Imagination) by FlashTeens.
  • Added new railway lines:
    • Academy LRT (Academy Dorm to Academy Pier) by FlashTeens.
  • Renovated signboard indications for FlashTeens House and Cheesedog Info Center stations.
  • Fixed speedometer issues for multiplayer environments where offline players' speed values used to remain on the screen.
  • Added informational hints for search-by-coordinate features and "station not found" errors in the route planner website.
  • Embedded Unicode fonts in the resource pack, so you won't have to enable "Force Unicode Fonts" in your settings to see complete messages on wall signs.

Mar. 22, 2019: (200 subway stations)

  • Extended existing railway routes:
    • Line 2 (N. Stronghold to Polyscenic Plateau) by FlashTeens and Natsuha.
      • This line has become a ring since this update.
    • Horse Expressway (Choco Minami to Gugu Town) by FlashTeens.
    • Universiade Branch Line (N. Sugarcane Town to Camel Island) by Natsuha.
    • Goddess Branch Line (Pyramid of Rose to Orangestone Plaza) by ILoveCakes ILC/A.
    • Choco Branch Line (Chocolate Oasis to Seviaclya Plain) by FlashTeens.
    • Line B1 (Flowery Pond to Desowood Mesa) by BingXuan
    • Line B3 (Jungleland Minami to Knight Hillside) by BingXuan
    • Line B1C (Taurus Stone Hills to Wooden Horse Bay) by BingXuan
    • Line C1 (Antarctic Spikes to Mildan) by ILoveCakes ILC/A.
  • Added new railway lines:
    • Line B5 (Winterglade to Desowood Mesa) by BingXuan.
    • Line CTS, which stands for "Cross-Town Superexpress" (Winterglade to Delta of Glacier) by BingXuan.
    • Line S1, or Shimano Line (Acacialand Village to Shimano), built by OTS Shimajiro.
    • Line S2, or Sorano Line (Shimano to N. Jungle Temple), built by OTS Shimajiro.
    • Line Z1 (Candy Icebergs to N. Jungle Temple) by ZymSB.
    • Line Z2 (Witch Savanna to Dusk Forest) by ZymSB.
    • Goldtower Branch Line (S. Goldtower Town to N. Goldtower Town) by Quartz Kim.
  • Opened the Lakesand Mineshaft area.
  • Built the Frostwood Pier buildings, though the shops are yet to be opened soon (by new partner "ThatOneBuilderGuy").
  • Moved the railway route map to EasyZoom to make it combined again, yet the presentation is still clear enough.
    • The new route map's size is 11,000 x 9,200 pixels, which allows all routes to fit the map on scale.
  • Renovated the station info feature in the route planner website.
  • Revealed the Republic of FlashTeens Wiki on the Facebook fan page.

Dec. 21, 2018: (152 subway stations)

  • Extended existing routes of FT Railway Lines (by FlashTeens and Natsuha):
    • Line 2 (Antarctic Spikes to Polyscenic Plateau)
    • Line 3 (Cheesedog Info Center to Polyscenic Plateau)
    • Line 4 (Christmas Harbor to Delta of Glacier)
    • Line 5 (Sand Coast Village to Polyscenic Plateau)
    • Line 6 (Ru Lai Resort to Frostwood Pier)
    • Line 7 (Notchland Village to Igloo Ice Shelf)
    • Line X2 (Railway Museum to Redstone Exhib. Center)
  • Extended existing routes of BingXuan Railway Lines (by BingXuan):
    • Line B2 north ext. (Flowery Pond to Redstone Exhib. Center)
    • Line B2 south ext. (Ecological Park to Winterglade)
  • Added new railway lines:
    • Line B3 (Jungleland Minami to Delta of Glacier), built by BingXuan.
    • Line C1 (Antarctic Spikes to Rocky Beach), built by a new Swedish partner "ILoveCakes ILC/A".
  • Completed the mainframe of Candy Mall, next to Candy Plateau Station. (built by ZymSB)
  • Built the Tower of Elements (by FlashTeens).
  • Built the End City Express Line in the End Dimension. (with Bluetails)
    • Applied the recent BulletCart v2.0 technique invented by FlashTeens.
      (This new technique will be available as a new tool by January 2019.)
  • Broke the great route map (for the Route Planner Website) into 6 different divisions for much clearer presentation.
  • Fixed numerous existing bugs based on many players' reports.

Oct. 19-20, 2018: The first update for Minecraft 1.13.1: (128 subway stations)

  • Updated all commands throughout the entire map with Java programming language in order to deal with drastically changed command syntax rules in Minecraft 1.13.x versions.
  • Added BulletCart Line X2 local route stops at Starfish Island, Beak Peninsula, and Candy Plateau.
  • Extended existing routes:
    • Line 5: Spruce Plain - Purpur Village.
    • Line 9: Natsuha Harbor - Sinkhole Coast - Beak Peninsula.
    • Choco Branch Line: Choco Minami - Caramel Gorge - Candy Plateau.
  • New railway lines B1, B2, and B1C, built by a new partner BingXuan.
  • Built the Candy Plateau Fountain Park (with new partners ZymSB and Bluetails).
  • Built the secret Nether BulletCart Line from Nether Entry (near Gate of Hell) toward N. Woodland Mansion (with new partner Bluetails).
  • Invented automatic walkways, applied to Railway Museum Station, and some new stations on the BingXuan railway lines.
  • Added advanced express cart options in the route planner website.
  • Started using Trello for map progress management.
  • 2018-10-20 bug fixes: issues on Nether Stronghold Express Line and Railway Museum III BulletCart exhibition area.

Aug. 16, 2018: (113 subway stations)

Jun. 8, 2018: (111 subway stations)

  • Added Bullet Cart Line X2: Railway Museum - FlashTeens House - Gugu Town.
    • Max speed between FlashTeens House and Gugu Town: 320 km/h.
    • Max speed between Railway Museum and FlashTeens House: 72 km/h.
    • Added the first realistic elevator in the map inside Railway Museum Station for the transfer to Line X2.
  • Renamed the existing Line 1 Express route to Line X1. Some renovations for this line are also done, listed below:
    • Added an independent island platform for Line X1 at Acacialand Village Station, and Line X1 finally completely separates from Line 1 after this update.
    • Max speed increment between Grand Blocky Mall and Sand Coast Village, using the same technique as used in the Bullet Cart Line X2.
      • Former max speed: 45 km/h; consuming time was 2m40s.
      • New max speed: 100 km/h; consuming time becomes 1m59s.
    • Eastbound extension (see below).
    • The Line 1 Local route may just be called "Line 1", as the name "Line 1 Express" is gone.
  • Extended existing routes:
    • Line 8 Northbound: Delta of Gravel - Lakeside Park - Cyan Orchid Hills - End of Mystery (first end portal).
    • GridLake Branch Line Northbound: Museum of iLands - Wooded Valley - Lakeside Park.
    • Line X1 Eastbound: Orangestone Plaza - S. Goldtower Town - Gugu Town.
  • Other subway-related updates:
  • Updates in the Railway Museum III exhibitions:
  • Added the Fu Lai Ting Metro Mall (underground street around the FlashTeens Metropolis), connects among Fu Lai Ting, FlashTeens House, Jupiter Tunnel stations, the FlashTeens Subway Mall, and the Sunlight Metro Mall.
  • Added FIFA 2018 season-themed departure melody on large stations (wherever each minecart stops for 10 seconds), replacing the previous seasonal departure melody.
  • Added the search-by-coordinate feature on the route planner web app.

Apr. 12, 2018: (107 subway stations)

  • Extended existing routes:
    • Line 5 Eastbound: Prisma Point - Nova Temple - Oasisland Cape - Natsuha Harbor - Sand Coast Village.
    • Line 6 Southbound: Natsuha Harbor - Oasisland Cape - Ru Lai Resort.
    • Central Swamp Line Eastbound: Doggy Park - TNT House Remains - San He Backyard - Black Horse Plain - Zebra Coast.
  • Added the Sunlight Metro Mall (underground street around the FlashTeens Metropolis), currently containing 36 shops.
  • FlashTeens House (spawn location) movement (to the 3rd house).
    • The previous (2nd) house was built on Oct. 9, 2015.
  • Added Chinese housing "San He Yuan".
  • Signboard style renovation:
    • Changed the font to Orbitron for exit signboards.
    • Added numeric signboards to some large shopping areas.
      • Sunlight Metro Mall, FlashTeens I/C Market, FlashTeens Subway Mall, Cheesedog Info Center, Chocolate Oasis B1, etc.
  • Added Sakura season-themed departure melody on large stations (wherever each minecart stops for 10 seconds), replacing the Chinese new year melody in the previous update.
  • Embedded the Multiclock resource pack into the map.

Feb. 16, 2018: (102 subway stations)

  • New subway line: Urban Circular Line: FT Interchange - Lake of Grid - Fu Lai Ting - Jupiter Tunnel - Sunlight Plaza - First Depot - FT Interchange.
  • Extended existing routes:
    • Line 5 Eastbound: Craftland - Prisma Point.
      • Credit of Prisma Point station belongs to Arkamaty.
    • Wharf Branch Westbound: FT House - First Depot - Mountscape Path - Jack-o'-Plain.
  • Added platform gates (Gen. II) on branch/shuttle platforms of FT House Station:
    • GridLake Branch Line, FT Circular Line, and Wharf Branch Line.
  • Renovated platform gates on Grand Blocky Mall Station (Line 1 local/express platforms).
  • Added auto-complete search and hashtags on the route planner web app for convenient search.
    • Added the link and QR code on the in-game subway route maps to access this web app.
  • Added Chinese New Year-themed departure melody on large stations (wherever each minecart stops for 10 seconds).

Dec. 21, 2017: (98 subway stations)

  • Extended existing routes:
  • Renovation on Grand Blocky Mall Station for platform size enlargement.
    • Line 1 Express platforms have moved to 6F as a single wide island platform.
    • Line 1 Local platforms remain at 5F, while the original 2 platforms are merged into one, which is as wide as the new 6F Express platform.
    • Both platforms have been extended to 53-block long, the longest subway platform ever in the whole map.
    • Added platform gates on Line 1 (both) and Line 4 platforms.
  • Invented new techniques for compact platform gates (a.k.a. FTMC Platform Gates Generation II).
    • Based on only one observer and two command blocks per platform.
    • Piston-less and thus very compact.
    • Applied on some large subway stations for main lines, such as in Railway Museum Station and FlashTeens House Station.
      • Note that new platform gates used in Grand Blocky Mall remain older generation (as invented on Aug. 16, 2017).
    • Added the exhibition for this new design in Subway Museum II (at 3F).
  • Built the third Railway Museum, a.k.a. The International Museum of Minecraft Rail Techs, next to the second museum (as mentioned above).
  • Added floor plans (English ver. only) on the route planner web app.

Nov. 18, 2017: (96 subway stations)

  • Added new subway line: Line 8: Delta of Gravel - Yin Yang Valley - Taimatsu Tower - Spruce Plain - Ruby Arch - Greenstone Cliff.
    • Added platform gates to Taimatsu Tower Station on Line 8 platforms.
  • Extended existing routes:
    • Line 5 Westbound: Railway Museum - Spruce Plain.
    • Central Swamp Line Westbound: Railway Museum - Greentwin Bridge - Komatsu Hot Spring - Taimatsu Tower.
      • Greentwin Bridge Station contains the first platform of FTMC with a water-walled design.
  • New 16 station arrival songs are added in the new/existing subway routes.
  • Built Taimatsu Tower, "The Tower of Torch" above the newly built Taimatsu Tower Station.
  • Added 5 new banks in the map: Notchland East, Taimatsu Tower, South Sandy, Greentwin, and Greenstone North.
  • Re-opened the old 3-block expressway road (Notchland - Railway Museum, as built on Dec. 24, 2015) as an ordinary road.
  • Technical updates for the Route Planner web app: added new transfer options that allows more unique searches for planning your journey.
  • Easter eggs are added nearby Spruce Plain Station and South Sandy Interchange. Check out what they are! :)

Oct. 14, 2017: (91 subway stations)

  • Extended existing routes:
    • New routes on the original FT "Branch" Line: Central Monument - Central Forest - Museum of iLands - Minecraft Academy - Grand Blocky Mall.
    • Line 3 Eastbound: Cheesedog Hotel - Cheesedog Info Center.
    • Line 4 Northbound: Flora Cape - Cyan Orchid Hills - Triangle Harbor.
  • New 4 station arrival songs are added or substituted in the subway routes.
  • Built new 9-story building "Minecraft Academy".

Sept. 16, 2017: (87 subway stations)

  • Invented the minecart auto-REMOVAL functions for the subway system based on the previously invented auto-launching contraptions.
  • Added Central Crater Station on Volcano Branch Line (between Emerald Plain and Snowy Volcano.)
  • The direction signboards for main subway lines (i.e. Lines 1 ~ 7) also show the destination station (e.g. [W] Notchland instead of West) from this update.
  • Fixed some scoreboard bugs in the banking system and subway map guide books for multiplayer environments.

Sept. 10, 2017: (86 subway stations)

Aug. 16, 2017: (84 subway stations)

  • Added new subway lines:
    • Universiade Branch Line: N. Sugarcane Town - Universiade Plaza - River of Energy - Energetic Village.
      • Partial credit is from Rui-Ting Wu, another Taiwanese railway fan Minecrafter.
      • A railway level crossing is built between River of Energy and Energetic Village stations.
        • The original designer using redstone: Rui-Ting Wu.
        • Additional command-driven work: by FlashTeens.
    • Choco Branch Line: Chocolate Oasis - Pudding Park - Choco Minami.
  • Extended existing routes:
    • Horse Expressway (eastbound): Acacialand Village - Goddess Park - South Sandy I/C - Choco Minami.
    • Wharf Branch Line (westbound): Sunflower Harbor - TNT House Remains - Fu Lai Ting (and then shares with the same platform on FlashTeens Branch Line).
  • Added 2 stations on Subway Line 1: Glazed Islands Station between Red Beach and Chocolate Oasis; and Redstone Valley Station between Chocolate Oasis and Orangestone Plaza.
  • Upgraded Chocolate Oasis Station.
    • The Express route of Line 1 now stops here.
    • Designed the platform gates for the Express route platforms.
    • Built the Choco Mall, containing a parking lot in the basement levels.
  • Built an underground platform for Ruby Arch station (Line 1).
    • Contributed by Taiwan Natsuha.
    • The old elevated platforms are no longer in use, but it is planned to be reconstructed into a historic site.
  • All parts of Natsuha's Apartment (next to Natsuha Harbor station) is completed.
  • Built a baseball field next to Universiade Plaza Station.
  • Added a bank inside the lobby level of Choco Minami station.
  • Map updated for Minecraft 1.12.1.

Jul. 1, 2017: The first update for Minecraft 1.12: (75 subway stations)

  • Added new subway lines:
    • Line 6: N. Sugarcane Town - Natsuha Harbor.
    • Line 7: Dungeon Plain - N. Sugarcane Town.
    • Wharf Branch Line: Sunflower Harbor - FlashTeens Wharf.
    • Extended GridLake Branch Line: Gate of Hell - Museum of iLands.
    • Added 29 arrival songs for new transfer stations.
  • Renamed stations:
    • N. Sugarcane Village -> N. Sugarcane Town
    • S. Sugarcane Village -> S. Sugarcane Town
    • N. Sugarcane Beach -> S. Cheesedog Beach
  • Updated the mechanisms for the subway map guide books. Now the route maps from the books are shown in a /tellraw command instead of another book.
    • This newly updated technique works with the new command /function in Minecraft 1.12.
  • Added new path between Sunflower Harbor and F.T. Wharf (i.e. right above Wharf Branch Line.)
  • Updated the line colors for Cheesedog Hotel Line (changed into ) so as to be distinguishable with the newly-added Line 6 (color ) and the original Line 5 (color ).
  • Replaced the text-to-speech source Acapela Group for subway station announcement voices with Microsoft Zira to avoid copyright issues.
  • Added Chinese announcement voices for Woodland Hyperloop Line (source: Google Translate - Chinese).
  • Built the FlashTeens Wharf Light House.
  • Built part of the basements for Museum of iLands.
  • Posted a preview video for Subway Line 7.

May 21, 2017: (69 subway stations)

  • Added new subway stations: Fu Lai Ting, Forest Farm, Dark Oak Path, and Emerald River.
    • The routes between FlashTeens House and Lava Path became for Grid Lake Branch Line only and no longer belong to FlashTeens Branch Line.
    • New routes for FlashTeens Branch Line: FlashTeens House - Fu Lai Ting - Doggy Park - Forest Farm - Grand Blocky Mall.
    • Dark Oak Path Station is added between Gate of Hell and Lake of Grid.
    • Emerald River Station is added between Railway Museum and Railway Factory.
  • Added legend illustrations for the map shown in the subway route planner website.

May 1, 2017: (65 subway stations)

  • New exhibitions available in the Subway Museum:
  • Additional new paths are built around:
    • All subway stations in the Cheesedog Islands.
      • HOTEL Line: Cheesedog Paradise - Tabetai Market (8 stations)
      • CREEPLAND Line: Chick Hunter Arena and Creepland Arena (2 stations)
    • Sand Coast Village Station. (via the Intercontinental Bridge)
  • Updates in the Grand Blocky Mall basements:
    • B1: Additional 3 shops & resting area.
    • B2: The Blocky Mall High School, containing 12 classrooms.
    • New volleyball court next to the high school campus.

Apr. 16, 2017: (65 subway stations)

  • Extended the Express route of Subway Line 1 westward: Sand Coast Village - Grand Blocky Mall - Railway Museum.
    • The extended route is about 2.7 km long.
    • Express carts are no longer available via Cheesedog Paradise station.
    • Added another 3 arrival songs.
  • In the 4th floor of the New Subway Museum, a new exhibition of curve obstacle experiments is added.
  • Added another sidewalk bridge between Railway Museum and Railway Factory.

Mar. 13, 2017: (65 subway stations)

  • Subway route updates: (collaborating with a Taiwanese Minecrafter: Taiwan Natsuha)
    • Extended Subway Line 5 eastward: Lava Path - Birch Cape - Craftland.
    • Added Intercontinental Bridge Station on Subway Line 1, between Ocean Aquarium and Cheesedog Paradise. (Credit: Taiwan Natsuha)
      • Built a 1 km long sidewalk bridge that parallels with the subway route. (Credit: FlashTeens)
    • Rebuilt Parts of Cheesedog Hotel Line: Water Flow Lab - Small Oasis Beach - S. Sugarcane Town - N. Sugarcane Town, into elevated platforms (Credit: Taiwan Natsuha).
    • Rebuilt Basin of Victory Station on Line 2 (Credit: Taiwan Natsuha).
    • Added another 3 arrival songs.
    • Added transfer elevator maps inside FlashTeens House Subway Station.
  • Added the FlashTeens Subway Mall next to FlashTeens House Station, where 25 new villager vendors are inside.
  • Additional 3 banks are available in this map, 2 of which are inside FlashTeens Subway Mall, and the other is in the lobby of N. Sugarcane Town Station.
  • Technical changes in the route planner web app:
    • You'll be able to see more details on the resulting path for how to walk through a big transfer station. (e.g. FlashTeens House, Grand Blocky Mall, Chesedog Info Center)

Feb. 6, 2017: (63 subway stations)

Jan. 23, 2017: (61 subway stations)

Jan. 17, 2017: (61 subway stations)

  • Changed the Subway Line 1 Express Route between Acacialand Village and Sandyland Town.
    • The consuming time through this route: 2m00s → 1m30s
    • Added another arrival song for Sandyland Town (Express Eastbound): Yoshihiro Andoh - Sakura.
  • Technical changes in the route planner web app:
    • The route direction (ex. Eastbound or Westbound) shows on the resulting path.
    • Bug fixes: Route map data did not refresh before this update.
  • Added FAQs: Q11 and Q12.

Jan. 12, 2017: (61 subway stations)

  • New route on Line 1 Express Route: Acacialand Village - Sand Coast Village - Cheesedog Paradise.
  • Single-lined on-wall guide maps are available throughout all stations in the subway system.
  • Added additional 4 banks in this map around: Central Monument, Doggy Park, Flora Cape, and N. Woodland Mansion.
  • Expanded the space for the ground level lobby in Grand Blocky Mall Station.

Jan. 6, 2017: (61 subway stations)

  • Added new subway station Doggy Park on Subway Line 4, between Grand Blocky Mall and Sunflower Harbor stations.
  • Added new subway route, Central Swamp Line: Railway Museum - Railway Factory - Icefire Hot Spring - Central Swamps - Lake of Grid - Doggy Park.
    • Except for Central Swamps station, other platforms on this line are built next to the existing platforms (on other lines) so as to let them become transfer stations.
    • Additional 6 station arrival songs are added on other lines, where the stations became transfer stations after Central Swamp Line is added.
  • Around Doggy Park subway station, a "doggy house" is added, where you may spawn, tame, and walk a dog with ease!
  • Additional wooden paths added around the FlashTeens House, Doggy Park, and Central Swamps areas.
  • Map updated for Minecraft 1.11.2.

Jan. 1, 2017: Reached 1,000 downloads on PlanetMinecraft.

Dec. 18, 2016: Created an account on Bahamut, the most popular gaming forum website in Taiwan.

  • Posted this project and translated the description context into Mandarin Chinese on the forum.

Dec. 12, 2016: (59 subway stations)

  • Added the high speed transit Woodland Hyperloop Line, which is 15.3 km long, while you'll finish the journey within just 3 minutes. (See on this YouTube video)
    • New station: North Woodland Mansion.
    • See also on Question 9 in the FAQs for things you have to do before taking this transit.
  • Changed the note block sounds in the embedded resource pack.

Dec. 6, 2016: (58 subway stations)

  • Added new subway route: Volcano Branch Line.
  • Added new subway station Sulfur Swamps on FlashTeens Branch Line.

Nov. 29, 2016: (57 subway stations)

  • Added the new subway museum next to the old railway museum.
  • New Facebook fanpage for this project is added.
  • Bug fixes for 1.11:
    • Craftland small subway museum (4F)
    • Potion generating commands (Green Mall, Green Cape Station)
    • The "next stop" sign for the N/E platform in Cheesedog Info Center Station
    • Chicken recycling problems, used to be in the Chick Hunter Arena

Nov. 23, 2016: (57 subway stations)

  • New route on Subway Line 3: Mount Island Cliff - Pisces Island - Cheesedog Hotel.
    • This route contains the first glass-walled undersea tunnel among all subway lines. (except for the Horse Expressway, which was built even earlier)
  • Added new subway station Central Monument on Line 1, between Emerald Plain and Gate of Hell stations.
    • This station has been so far the nearest subway station to the origin point. (i.e. X=0, Z=0)
  • Added custom painting images in the embedded resource pack for this map.

Nov. 15, 2016: The first update for Minecraft 1.11 (55 subway stations)

  • Now, everything in this updated map should work in Minecraft 1.11. For any issues, feel free to reply in this blog or the PlanetMinecraft page.
  • This blog has been written to be independent from the original PlanetMinecraft project description, so as to give you more details about this world.
    • The FAQs are also moved here from the original PlanetMinecraft page.
  • Added The Craftland, my former work for the PMC Sustainable City Project Contest, into this world.
    • Accessible by getting to the newly-added Craftland subway station on Line 4.
  • Reconstructed Sand Coast Village Station.
    • The platform gets much bigger
    • Additional exits added: 4~8
  • Changes for FlashTeens House Station
    • Added the "Transfer Elevator" that reduces the time to transfer between different subway lines.
    • Minor modification for Line 2 platforms.
    • Added Exit 12.

Oct. 27, 2016: Signboard Update (54 subway stations)

Oct. 16, 2016: (54 subway stations)

  • Added Exit 3 for Ocean Aquarium Station.

Oct. 6, 2016: (54 subway stations)

Oct. 1, 2016: (54 subway stations)

  • 16 additional banks added throughout this map.

Sept. 26, 2016: (54 subway stations)

  • New route on Goddess Branch Line: Sandy Jr. Statue - Pyramid of Rose.
  • Improved the Express Minecart operation speed between Sandyland Town and Orangestone Plaza by this method.
  • Added the mechanism that prevents the players from placing the TNTs or TNT minecarts anywhere in this map to ensure the security.
  • Added new section on PlanetMinecraft: How to download this world save and get it work, for those who are not familiar with how to use Google Drive, where I stored the map.

Sept. 17, 2016: (53 subway stations)

  • New route on Subway Line 1: Sandyland Town - Red Beach - Chocolate OasisOrangestone Plaza.

Sept. 6, 2016: (50 subway stations)

  • FlashTeens Hotel, the first hotel in this map that have an automatic check-in mechanism, is built next to Sunlight Plaza subway station.

Aug. 31, 2016: (50 subway stations)

  • Added subway station announcement voices by embedding custom resource pack in this map.
    • The announcement sound files in the resource pack are extracted from the Acapela Group text-to-speech (TTS) online service. (Using: English (USA) - Sharon)
  • All on-wall subway map items in-game gets secure by using the NBT tag {Invulnerable:1}.

Aug. 28, 2016: Music Update (50 subway stations)

  • Added 17 subway station arrival songs. From this version on, the arrival songs are available at every transfer station from every directions of main subway lines!

Aug. 21, 2016: (50 subway stations)

  • Added Subway Line 4: Flora CapeGrand Blocky Mall - Sunflower Harbor - Zebra Coast.

Jul. 18, 2016: Security Update (49 subway stations)

  • Added the Minecart direction changer commands in all subway lines.
  • The banking system is updated to version 2. (See also: version 1 for 1.9 or below)
  • Icefire Hotel security updates:
    • Ice blocks are changed into light blue stained glass to avoid melting.
    • A secure mechanism that prevents the building from being destroyed by Cheesedog Spleef shovels.

Jul. 10, 2016: (49 subway stations)

  • Reconstructed the Old FlashTeens Branch Line into two new lines for higher capacity: FlashTeens Branch Line (new) and GridLake Branch Line:
    • Removed the monorail stations FlashTeens First House and Lake of Grid on the old line.
    • Added underground stations FlashTeens Interchange, Sunlight Plaza on the new FlashTeens Branch Line.
    • Added underground station Lake of Grid (new) on the new GridLake Branch Line.
  • Added Icefire Hotel (originally built by PrincessNova25) next to Icefire Hot Spring station.
    • This building is added under the original author's permission.

Jul. 1, 2016: (48 subway stations)

Jun. 29, 2016: (48 subway stations)

  • New Horse Expressway routes: Cheesedog Info Center - Acacialand Village

Jun. 22, 2016: (48 subway stations)

  • New route on Subway Line 3: Sunflower Harbor - Ocean AquariumMount Island Cliff.

Jun. 12, 2016: The first update for Minecraft 1.10 (47 subway stations)

  • Cheesedog Spleef became multiplayer-friendly.

Jun. 5, 2016: (47 subway stations)

  • Added Tower 37, the tallest skyscraper in this map.

May 26, 2016: (47 subway stations)

  • Added the first 10 banks in this map.
  • Start developing the Nether Stronghold.

May 12, 2016: (47 subway stations)

May 10, 2016: (47 subway stations)

May 2, 2016: (47 subway stations)

May 1, 2016: (47 subway stations)

Apr. 24, 2016: (45 subway stations)

Apr. 20, 2016: (43 subway stations)

  • Reconstructed the Horse Expressway route between Notchland Village and FlashTeens Interchange. The consuming time toward each other destination have been reduced to 28 seconds by Hyper Express Horses (128 KPH / 80 MPH).
    • Before this update, the consuming time used to be 50 seconds due to smaller radius of curvature for the tracks. (40~50 block unit)
    • The new route is 9-block-wide, which replaces the old 3-block-wide one.
    • The radius of curvature for the new route is 200~300 block unit.
  • Added an entry to the End City.

Mar. 26, 2016: (43 subway stations)

Mar. 23, 2016: (43 subway stations)

  • Added Goddess Branch Line: Goddess Park - Sandyland Town - Sandy Jr. Statue.
  • The second statue of giant sexy lady (the smaller one: Sandy Jr. Statue) is added in the Sandyland area.

Mar. 18, 2016: (41 subway stations)

  • Added the first Schemagic Preview on PlanetMinecraft.

Mar. 12, 2016: The first update for Minecraft 1.9 (41 subway stations)

  • The first video related to Minecraft is posted on YouTube: Subway Line 2 tour video.
  • Large aesthetic updates are added around FlashTeens House and Cheesedog Info Center areas.

Mar. 5, 2016: (41 subway stations)

  • Horse Expressway interchanges FlashTeens and Grand Blocky Mall are reconstructed into larger ones.
    • The track between these two locations has grown into 9-block-wide instead of the original 3-block-wide one.
  • Added 8 custom villager vendors around some subway stations.

Feb. 23, 2016: (41 subway stations)

Feb. 20, 2016: (41 subway stations)

  • Added the first custom villager vendor: Railway Souvenir Store at Emerald Plain Station.
    • Now closed due to security issues.
  • Added two subway station platforms on FlashTeens Branch Line: Icefire Hot Spring and FlashTeens House.

Feb. 18, 2016: (40 subway stations)

  • Added Chick Hunter Arena in the Cheesedog Area.
    • The subway station nearby: Chick Hunter Arena Station, is also added on Creepland Line. (between Cheesedog Info Center and Creepland Arena)

Feb. 16, 2016: (39 subway stations)

  • Reconstructed Gate of Hell subway station into a larger underground station for reducing the transfering time between different lines.

Jan. 30, 2016: (39 subway stations)

  • New route on Subway Line 2: Green Cape - Delta of Glacier - Antarctic Spikes.

Jan. 27, 2016: (37 subway stations)

Jan. 24, 2016: (37 subway stations)

  • Added the Forest Farm next to Grand Blocky Mall.
    • The wood resources are unlimited in this map since the forest farm can be reset automatically.

Jan. 21, 2016: (37 subway stations)

  • New horse speed option for the Horse Expressway: Hyper Express Horse, which runs at a maximum speed of 128 KPH (80 MPH).
  • New route on Horse Expressway: Grand Blocky Mall - Cheesedog Info Center
    • This is the first 9-block-wide route on the Horse Expressway.
    • The first underwater tunnel in this world was built here.

Jan. 19, 2016: (37 subway stations)

Jan. 15, 2016: The first public version on PlanetMinecraft (37 subway stations)

  • Created the PlanetMinecraft account and posted this world save as a project page.
  • The world save environment has been set properly in: Adventure Mode, Normal difficulty, and some other /gamerule settings.

Dec. 28, 2015: (37 subway stations)

  • New route on Horse Expressway: FlashTeens Interchange - Grand Blocky Mall. (3-block-wide)
  • Added minecart stopper commands for the subway system.

Dec. 24, 2015: (37 subway stations)

  • Built the first route of Horse Expressway: Notchland Village - FlashTeens Interchange. (3-block-wide)

Dec. 22, 2015: (37 subway stations)

  • New route on Subway Line 2: Wildfire Memorial Park - Basin of Victory - Green Cape.

Dec. 17, 2015: (35 subway stations)

Nov. 30, 2015: (34 subway stations)

  • Built the giant lady statue (a.k.a. Goddess Park, or The Statue of Goddess Sandy) near the Sandyland Area.

Nov. 14, 2015: (34 subway stations)

  • New route on Subway Line 2: Gate of Hell - Flora Cape - End of Mystery - North Stronghold.

Oct. 25, 2015: (31 subway stations)

  • Activated the first End Portal in this map.

Oct. 24, 2015: (31 subway stations)

  • New route on Cheesedog Hotel Line: Cheesedog Spleef - Cheesedog Info Center - River Slide - N. Sugarcane Beach - Cheesedog Paradise.
    • The terminus Cheesedog Paradise was renamed from the original Sugarcane Beach station, which has been a transfer station since then.
  • New route on Cheesedog Creepland Line: Cheesedog Info Center - Creepland Arena.
  • Built new amusement facilities on the Cheesedog Area: River Slide and Creepland Parkour Arena.

Oct. 19, 2015: (27 subway stations)

  • Added Cheesedog Hotel Line: N. Sugarcane Village - S. Sugarcane Village - Small Oasis Beach - Water Flow Lab - Tabetai Night MarketCheesedog Hotel - Mushroom Pavilion - Cheesedog Spleef.
  • Built new amusement facilities on the Cheesedog Area: Water Flow Lab, Cheesedog Hotel, Tabetai Night Market, and The Cheesedog Spleef.

Oct. 13, 2015: (19 subway stations)

  • Added Subway Line 2: Gate of Hell - FlashTeens House - Dungeon Plain.
  • The original "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" is thus renamed to Line 1 so as to be distinguishable.

Oct. 9, 2015: (17 subway stations)

  • Built the new spawn building FlashTeens House that replaces the old FlashTeens First House.

Oct. 7, 2015: (17 subway stations)

  • New route on "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (Line 1): Acacialand Village - Tamago River - Sandyland Town.

Sept. 26, 2015: (15 subway stations)

  • New station added on "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (Line 1): Sugarcane Beach, between Ocean Aquarium and Sand Coast Village.

Sept. 14, 2015: (14 subway stations)

  • Moved Amazon Jungle II station into a new underground island platform, and renamed it into Railway Museum Station.
    • The entire "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (Line 1) has been double-track since then.
    • The old site of Amazon Jungle II station has been rebuilt into the earliest Railway Museum in this world.

Sept. 12, 2015: (14 subway stations)

  • New station added on "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (Line 1): Grand Blocky Mall, between Gate of Hell and Ocean Aquarium.
  • The route between Gate of Hell and Sand Coast Village became double-track.
  • Added the minecart dispenser and arrival title commands for the subway system.
  • Built Grand Blocky Mall, the first large structure where almost all parts are solely completed by /fill and /clone commands.

Sept. 4, 2015: (13 subway stations)

  • Built a new underground island platform at Emerald Plain station.
    • Also, new double-track routes between Emerald Plain (new underground platform) and Gate of Hell (elevated platforms) were built as a link for faster transportation.
    • The old single-track route: Emerald Plain - Snowy Volcano - FlashTeens First House - Lake of Grid - Gate of Hell, has been taken apart from "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" into the "FlashTeens Branch Line".

Aug. 31, 2015: (13 subway stations)

  • New single-track route on "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (Line 1): Ocean Aquarium - Sand Coast Village.
    • Sand Coast Village used to be a station on the "Double-track Experimental Line", but the entire line has become a part of "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" since these two lines were connected together.
  • New double-track route on "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (Line 1, or the former "Double-track Experimental Line"): Acacia Peak - Acacialand Village (old underground platform).

Aug. 25, 2015: (12 subway stations)

  • New route on "Double-track Experimental Line" (Line 1): Massive Nuke Base - Acacia Peak.
    • Built long ladders next to the station toward the highest natural peak found at the time: Acacia Peak, which is 146 block tall from the sea level.

Aug. 18, 2015: (11 subway stations)

  • As the "double-track experiment" was successful, the former Desert Village Depot and the Massive Nuke Base Depot has been rebuilt into the subway stations Sand Coast Village and Massive Nuke Base, respectively, for passenger transportation.

Aug. 14, 2015: (9 subway stations)

  • New single-track route on "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (Line 1): Amazon Jungle II - Ruby Arch - Notchland Village.

  • The "double-track experiment" was started in order to prevent the subway minecarts in opposite ways from collision.
    • This experiment was started from a new route "Double-track Experimental Line" built between the Desert Village Depot and the Massive Nuke Base Depot.

Aug. 4, 2015: (7 subway stations)

  • New single-track routes on "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (Line 1):
    • Gate of Hell - Ocean Aquarium.
    • Emerald Plain - Amazon Jungle II (old platform).

Jul. 31, 2015: (5 subway stations)

  • New single-track route on "FlashTeens Subway Main Line": FlashTeens First House - Lake of Grid - Gate of Hell.
    • Nether Portal was built nearby Gate of Hell station.

Jul. 29, 2015: (3 subway stations)

  • The first route of "FlashTeens Subway Main Line" (a.k.a. FlashTeens Branch Line as called in early 2016) was built: FlashTeens First HouseSnowy Volcano - Emerald Plain.

Jul. 28, 2015: The day when this world was started.

  • Built the FlashTeens First House next to the spawn point.

Something's more: the world outside Minecraft...

  • I played iLands, another sandbox game on Facebook which is similar to Minecraft Classic!
    • February, 2014: Started playing iLands.
    • December, 2014: Built the FLANTRISE Building in my iLand.
    • Dec. 29, 2014: Won iLands of the Year 2014.
    • Feb. 17, 2015: Developed the iLands subway simulator game as a web app. (currently not available)
  • I'm also a software engineer, who like to code in a variety of programming languages for game/web app development!
    • Experienced in Java, JavaScript, ActionScript 3.0, C/C++, and... of course Minecraft commands!
    • My LinkedIn page's here.